More Darwine news (was Re: New Darwine Binary Released)

Jim White jim at
Sat Aug 21 20:07:16 CDT 2004

Sanjay Connare wrote:

> Hey All, I am proud and happy to announce the release of a new binary
> labeled Darwine 20040820 DP.  This binary is based upon the 20040813
> wine release.
> ...

Thought I would post a follow-up as Sanjay neglected to include a link 
to the new binary:

Other Darwine news is that there was an interview with moi on osViews:

> the article(s) are posted
> Text:
> Broadcast:
> Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated. I
> hope this helps bring about increased awareness for the Darwine project.
> -- 
> Kelly McNeill

And perhaps the most interesting news is that Darwine's lead developer 
Pierre d'Herbemont has sucessfully ported QEMU (fast X86 emulator) to 
Mac OS X:

> QEMU on Mac OS X
> by Pierre d'Herbemont
> 2004-07-04 at 11:07:13
> I am proud to announce that QEMU is now working on Mac OS X.
> • Original announcement on the qemu-devel list
> • Download the installer for Mac OS X
> • Screenshots of QEMU running on Mac OS X
> • The FreeOSZoo, to download ready-to-run images of QEMU virtual
> computers, pre-installed with a Free Operating System and a set of
> popular free software.
> I would like to thanks Matt Reda for its collaboration.

Jim White

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