Beginnings of quartzdrv

Rib Rdb ribrdb at
Sun Aug 22 02:57:26 CDT 2004

Attached is a very preliminary driver for native graphics on OS X.  So
far all it does is let you make windows.  No events or drawing work
yet (I was baffled by the GetDC function. It looked like the existing
drivers only call windows functions, and I didn't see any way for
setting the window's context.)  To compile this requires a patch by
Pierre d'Herbemont to deal with conflicting function names in windows
and Carbon.  He said he will send it here.
Also, to get the windows to focus, you have to place the executable in
an application bundle.  I just took one I had sitting around, copied
the wine binary over the executable in the bundle and ran it from the
commandline like so:
/Users/ribrdb/Desktop/ winemine

Things are getting busy with work, so I'm not sure when I'll have more
time to work on this.
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