[QUARTZDRV] Preliminary support for native OS X graphics

Mike Hearn m.hearn at signal.QinetiQ.com
Mon Aug 23 06:20:36 CDT 2004

> Well, by 'the entire Wine development team' you mean Alexandre :-) ?

Not so, quite a few people work on the x11drv. For instance Alexs 
winedesktop work, various NETWM interop patches from me, fullscreening 
windows (not applied yet, but ...), system tray integration and so on. 
Plus all the work to make OpenGL/DirectX go of course! :)

> I, for one, am happy that people are using our driver model to write new
> drivers as it could serve as a proof of concept that our driver model is
> sound (think about GL / Cairo / 'DBI engine' kind of drivers).... Heck, if
> we only wanted to support one driver, why do all the job of doing a clean
> separation and not include X11 in Wine's GDI directly ?

Well the driver model is lifted from Windows so I think it is sound. And 
as for why we use separate drivers, well, when the DLL separation is 
complete it means we can make a real Windows box display via X11 which 
is Just Plain Cool :)

It also allows for portability to operating systems that don't have X11. 
MacOS X *does* have X, in fact it's a modified XFree but with some 
proprietary bits added. So I'm thinking the added effort is not worth 
the gain. I'm not a Mac user though so who knows, maybe the extra 
native-ness is worth all the pain ....

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