Compile on AMD Opetron

Chuck Hall chall at
Mon Aug 23 09:41:55 CDT 2004

> Hi Chuck,
> --- chall at wrote:
>> If you need access to a AMD Opetron box I can setup remote access
>> (via
>> SSH) so you can test the code, or I can try the patches (if any)
>> sent.
> I have quite a few patches for native Opertron x86-64 support on my
> account at sourceforge but I doubt you want a 64bit wine as it wont let
> you run any normal Windows apps. Try passing -m32 to gcc to see if it
> clears up.
> Thanks
> Steven

While you are right about not wanting 64bit wine, it still does not solve
the problem of the interlocked function missing.  I still get the same
problem of the function not existing.

I did try setting the build and the host variable to i686 in configure.
When I get to the make part it states that the asm is not a valid 64 bit
base/index expression.

Would you mind adding a link to your website so I can try the patches?

Have Fun!
Chuck Hall

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