CreateRemoteThread and related stuff (patch)

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Aug 24 12:38:03 CDT 2004

Robert Shearman <rob at> writes:

> Mike Hearn wrote:
>> Ick. That sounds really really complicated. I'd be tempted to go for
>> bringing back the service thread but I wasn't around when it was
>> busy causing pain so maybe I sound a bit blase about that :)
> Perhaps the old-timers can tell us a story around the camp fire about
> this...

The main problem with a service thread is that it basically turns all
apps into multi-threaded apps whether they expect it or not, so it
creates various synchronization issues (for instance apps suddenly
start to receive DLL_THREAD_ATTACH notifications they don't expect,
things like that). And of course it also uses more resources (stack
space etc.); this is acceptable for apps that actually use the
feature, but we don't want to penalize all apps to support such an
uncommon case.

Alexandre Julliard
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