check box in group box regression

Zach Gorman zach at
Tue Aug 24 18:08:14 CDT 2004

Does it matter whether the check box is before or after the group box in the
Z-order? Does the group box obscure any other controls? If you move the
check box so it is half-in and half-out of the group box, for example, does
only half of it get cut off?


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Zach Gorman wrote:

>Is this a general problem, or just in the hour.exe example? Is there source
>for hour.exe?
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>With current cvs, check boxes in group boxes are no longer displayed.
It is a real problem that I was able to reproduce with a simple program.

It's just a simple MFC program.  I don't have the source with me now but
all it does is set the wait cursor in the check box callback, sleep for 
5 seconds,
and then restore the cursor.  The check box is inside a group box.  I 
can get it
tomorrow if needed.

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