Info on debugging requested: trying to run "Hearts of Iron"

Simon Kitching simon at
Tue Aug 24 19:33:01 CDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 12:00, Simon Kitching wrote:
> > > Any suggestions on how to make progress on this issue are welcome.
> > If a relay trace doesn't help, then the next thing would be to disas
> > surrounding code at 0x004191fb and walk back the code flow to find out
> > where the NULL %ecx was coming from.
> I have some good news anyway. I still can't load the games I saved
> earlier. But I tried starting a new game, and can load/save happily. So
> the possibilities are:
> (a) that the problem was caused by a corrupt save-file being *created*
> when running with the debian wine release (Version: 0.0.20040615-1), and
> that now I am running with wine CVS HEAD, games are being saved
> properly.
> (b) that there is a bug in HoI, and that the saved game wouldn't have
> loaded on Windows anyway. I will test this theory soon by taking the
> save-game to a friend with a Windows copy and see what happens. It would
> be truly bad luck to strike an HoI bug the first time I try to run it
> under Wine, but stranger things have happened.
> (c) that the bug is wine-related, but only pops up sometimes. I can test
> this by playing a lot more games, and seeing if it happens again.
> So for now, I'm going to suspend the wine debugging, and do some more
> playing instead :-)

Just to end this thread, I have done some more "testing" :-) and the
issue with being unable to load saved games has not reappeared. I still
don't know which of the above theories was correct, but don't care now -
it all "just works" (tm).

Thanks for the cool software.


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