Get rid of W->A calls : help me help ?

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Wed Aug 25 04:23:46 CDT 2004


I'm thinking of trying to do some helpfull work on wine;
I have the following problem,
- I don't know where to start (I have never done stuff in wine or 
another open source project) ; but I hope you have patience to guide me 
into that (but I'm a informatica student, I like learning stuff like 
htis ;) )
- I don't know the details about Unicode functions;

I think the W->A thing of the janitorial might be a great way to start 
working in wine code; as it doesn't require too much overview about the 
way wine does its work I think.. (and I don't yet have much of that 

About a month ago, I saw a thread, including an interesting patch, about 
the W->A calls; Could someone find that link? Are there 
tutorials/manuals/guides/... about Unicode funcitons you recommend ?

Now, on to the work: if you can hand me that thread, how do I start? Are 
there unit tests? Where should I put tests ..? How do I run the tests?

Thanks for any help -- I hope it's not too much trouble to answer these 

Oh.. and if the W->A thing is already covered.. is there some other area 
where a starter like me could start?



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