Get rid of W->A calls : help me help ?

James Hawkins truiken at
Wed Aug 25 07:13:48 CDT 2004

Hey Joris,

    I started developing wine in exactly the same way you are
starting: working on the janitorial projects.  My current project is
converting the crypt cross calls, and it is almost finished, but im
waiting for my CryptSetProviderExA patch to be committed before I send
the rest of my cross call cleanup patches.

If you would like I can write a little howto concerning W->A cross
call cleanup and the like (unit tests).  There are a bunch of little
nitpicky things you just have to know before you can really start
cracking in on it...a while back i tried to submit a cleanup patch
like 6 times and it was reject everytime because I didnt know the
details yet.  So if you would like this information, let me know. 
We're glad you're here to help with wine.

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 11:01:09 +0100, Mike Hearn
<m.hearn at> wrote:
> Joris Huizer wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm thinking of trying to do some helpfull work on wine;
> Cool!
> > I have the following problem,
> > - I don't know where to start (I have never done stuff in wine or
> > another open source project) ; but I hope you have patience to guide me
> > into that (but I'm a informatica student, I like learning stuff like
> > htis ;) )
> Well, you can do lots of things. You could sit down and try and make
> apps work, which is fun and rewarding but has a STEEP learning curve, or
> you can tackle the janitorial tasks (like you said), or you can hack on
> the tools we use like the debugger/test suite, or you can work on ease
> of use issues and desktop integration. There's a ton of things, really.
> Most people hack on making particular applications they like work.
> > - I don't know the details about Unicode functions;
> >
> > I think the W->A thing of the janitorial might be a great way to start
> > working in wine code; as it doesn't require too much overview about the
> > way wine does its work I think.. (and I don't yet have much of that
> > overview..)
> I've started work about a week ago on a "Wine developer cheatsheet" that
> covers the basics like important debugging channels, how to use the
> debugger, some basic Win32 API guidance and so on. I'll publish it here
> in a week or two.
> thanks -mike

James Hawkins

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