runtime change to WINEDEBUG output

James Hawkins truiken at
Wed Aug 25 16:21:53 CDT 2004


    Is there a way to change the trace options of WINEDEBUG during
runtime?  For example, let's say I'm running an installer that
encounters a fatal error during one part of the install.  I'm not
exactly sure where in the wine code base this error is occurring and
it would take forever if I set WINEDEBUG=trace+all and had to wait
till I get to the right section to find the error.  If this is not a
feature we have, would it be possible to write a simple program that
will send a message to the wineserver telling it to change it's
WINEDEBUG value during runtime?  I have no idea how this would be
implemented or if anyone else would actually want this feature, but if
you have any ideas let me know.  Thanks.

James Hawkins

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