runtime change to WINEDEBUG output

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Thu Aug 26 03:37:01 CDT 2004

James Hawkins wrote:
> Oh ok thanks Rob I'll try it out.

I tend to find piping stuff through sed is too slow (but then I have 
quite a slow computer). There is a patch floating around in the archives 
that lets you toggle debug logging on and off using the F12 key. It 
works at the level of the debug infrastructure itself so the app speeds 
up noticeably when it's not doing lots of printfs.

It may have bitrotted. Alexandre wouldn't apply it, as it put policy 
into the Wine core (at least, if I remember correctly).

FWIW I usually find +all traces give too much output for debugging 
anything other than startup problems where you have no idea what's 
wrong. Beyond a few seconds execution the logs get too big to work with, 
especially if you're working blind.

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