Patch for CreateDIBitmap: Don't create monochrome bitmaps (help wanted)

Michael Kaufmann hallo at
Thu Aug 26 15:00:48 CDT 2004


>Could you integrate the DIB-Testcase program with the conformance
>framework? It seems like it would be a valuable addition and a good
>complement to your patch.

Currently I don't have the time to do this, but I'll try it eventually.

By the way: I've found some more incompatibilities:

- CreateCompatibleBitmap: If a DIB is selected into the device context, 
CreateCompatibleBitmap should create a copy of this DIB. I don't know 
how to implement this (how do we detect whether a DIB is selected?). I 
found code to copy a DIB in dlls/gdi/brush.c

- CreatePatternBrush: The specification of this function has been 
changed! Look at the function description ( 
). Microsoft replaced "cannot be a DIB" with "can be a DIB"!

Maybe the specification of many more API functions has been changed. It 
would be a good thing to check this systematically.



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