Problem in mutex?

Michael Drüing michael at
Fri Aug 27 09:36:54 CDT 2004


running the program in WinXP results in an output like this:
Failed to create thread 8
Failed to create thread 8
.... (repeated quite often)
Failed to create thread 8
Failed to create thread 8
Program exit 33060 

Watching the program with the taskmanager shows that it seems to only create
about 2000 threads, after which it seems to get these "out of memory"
Sometimes I get the following line one or two times after the "Program exit"
line (this seems to happen when the system is under load, for example when
starting the task manager with Ctrl-Alt-Esc while the program is running):
Didn't get mutex 80

The count after "Program exit" is always about 30000, but sometimes it's
even <10000

Hope that helps

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> However, the program doesn't run properly. When running it, I get 
> deadlocked.
> Does anyone have any explanation? Is it a bug in my Win32 code?

Doubt it, it *looks* OK. But the acid test is to run it on Windows.

I've not used the mutex APIs much though, so could well be wrong.

>> err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x4017fec0 "?" wait timed 
>> out in thread 0009, blocked by 0000, retrying (60 sec)

Well, this must be a Wine internal critical section and 0 is an invalid 
thread ID. So it looks like something is going badly wrong inside Wine.

What does the backtrace of thread 9 look like?

thanks -mike

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