winetest can't parse subtest for msvcrt(d)

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Aug 27 12:02:05 CDT 2004

Le ven 27/08/2004 à 11:38, Saulius Krasuckas a écrit :

> MSVCRT.DLL.SO fprintf() doesn't get redirected?  OK, lets switch to glibc 
> (or anything who works properly).  Isn't it trivial to do?  

Just redirecting it to glibc would be trivial, but the problem is that's
not the Right Thing To Do (tm) as both don't have exactly the same
behavior, and that some apps rely on the msvcrt behavior (ie, break when
using glibc's). I'm sure there are some other reasons like the path used
by characters to be drawn on screen (glibc's stdlib vs some console
handler path for msvcrt), etc.


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