working together on stdole.tlb and a end to dcom9x

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Aug 28 06:52:49 CDT 2004

It basically involves implementing the ICreateTypeLib interfaces in our
OLE dlls. Nyef did some great work on this but for stdole32.tlb we need
the other version, I think.

Once this is done maybe we can pull the stdole32.tlb generation program
used in Crossover upstream. Right now it's pretty useless for Wine as it
has to be run on Windows to work.

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:26:07 -0700, Steven Edwards wrote:
> Hello,
> Once again cross-posting because I would like to see if this is
> something we can work together on. What is left to do for us to be able
>  to build and have a working implementation of stdole.tlb or any other
> type libs? I ask because it seems Wines DCOM implementaton is almost
> good enough for most apps except for this file and ReactOS is quickly
> getting to the point that it can run most of the same stuff Wine can
> without DCOM9x installed.
> Thanks
> Steven
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