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Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Sun Aug 29 09:37:47 CDT 2004

"Stephen Ogletree" <jhk37pt02 at> writes:

> (I sent a version of this to wine-users originally and Ivan said to
> send it over here to wine-devel)

Yes, it's better sent here.  Thanks for the report and sorry
for the long delay.  It's still summer...

> 0.  Small issue: The winrash installer (NSIS) concludes with a window
> that has 3 lines that are in blue text to suggest a hyperlink [...]

I think the winrash maintainer got the message.

> Since installing winrash didn't do anything except put the service in
> place and start it, I figured I'd go ahead and download the test
> manually.

Well, the service should download and run new tests as they
got published.  Unfortunately there is some error on server
side so it doesn't work as expected.  We will eventually fix
it and you dormant service process will start working in the

> This rest of this email pertains to
> /winetest-200407091000-kevin-mingw.exe/

Running the winetest suite manually present the user some
interaction which is hidden when invoked by the service.

> 1.  I received the "Can't parse subtests output of msvcrtd" message
> during 'extraction'.  I assume this is the same error Holly reported.

In your case it probably means that msvcrtd.dll isn't
installed on your system.

> 2.  I had a message indicating a timeout during the user32 tests
> (before the network tests - this appears to be the same message Holly
> reported).  Also, I remember the timeout was occurring back when we
> first tried out this testing program a month or two (or 3?) ago, so
> its a bug thats been around a while.

Yes, it's a bug in the user32 input tests, which I haven't
tried to fix yet, but introduced the timeout instead.  Wrong
tests will also emerge in the future, it's better to handle
them than hang with them...

> 3.  I am still seeing an error that I pointed out in the first round
> (or a long time ago, at least..) of testing where the test crashes
> Explorer

That was a deliberate kill, not a crash.  It's excluded now
as far as I know.

> FWIW: When I agreed to submit my test results, I did *not* receive any
> warning about my log being too big.

That warning was removed, we silently truncate now... :)
Best wishes and thanks for you help,

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