Wine's X11drv integration in Mac OS X

Pierre d'Herbemont stegefin at
Sun Aug 29 05:11:47 CDT 2004


We are currently porting Wine to Mac OS X. Currently Wine has a display  
driver for X11, and we would like to continue to use it for the Mac OS  
X port: to display the GUI interface, we don't need the Aqua UI  
elements since we prefer to use Windows theming system, and given the  
complexity and amount of work done in x11drv . But we also would like  
to be able to build something that behaves like a normal Carbon or  
Cocoa App, with a Dock Icon, and a Menu Bar, which would be managed by  
some Carbon code in Wine itself.

I had a look to the X11CallCarbonAndCocoa [1] sample code, but the  
trouble is that the X11 window still belongs to, a mouse click  
in the Dock to get the App's Windows to the front doesn't work for the  
X11 Window, and the menu bar for this Window is still the's  
menu bar. So I'd like to know if there is a way for the Wine Carbon  
instance to own the X11 Windows Wine created. At least it would be a  
feature that we'd like to see :)



PS: I am not subscribed to the x11-users so please CC me. I am also  
CC-ing the wine-devel and darwine-devel, sorry about that.


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