CommonUnimpStub looping

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Aug 29 20:49:58 CDT 2004

Mike wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 09:23:31 -0700, Steven Edwards
> wrote:
> > I dont see how native loading of Advapi32 ever
> > worked anyway. Its a case like ntdll, kernel32,
> > user32 or gdi. Maybe the Win9x advapi32 can.....
> I thought native NT advapi just forwarded to ntdll?

Yeah.  It depends on a bunch of security APIs that
aren't implemented in ntdll though.  The win9x
advapi32 used to sort of work under wine iirc.  I
forget at what point that stopped being the case,
probably about the time the builtin one became useful.


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