Juan Lang juan_lang at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 21:04:47 CDT 2004

Saulius wrote:
> Lets try.  I am not sure about many things:
> 1, whether is better to duplicate code
> SHGetFolderPathW() or to try finding it by an
> ordinal its value (the case for the older versions
> of SHELL32.DLL) as it was stated by Juergen?

What are you trying to accomplish?  For example, it
seems reasonable to assert that you must use the
builtin shell32 and shfolder.dll in combination, or
not at all, as Alexandre once suggested.  Or, in order
for Wine's shfolder.dll to succeed on older (native)
versions of shell32.dll, it seems reasonable to have
it call SHGetSpecialFolderPath* from SHGetFolderPath*,
as MS' version does.

In other words, why do you need the combination of
native shell32 and builtin shfolder.dll?


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