WineHQ - Hosted by PayPal

Tero Tamminen valeo at
Mon Aug 30 07:21:54 CDT 2004


Sorry if this is wrong list or something, but I saw this bug (if this is 
feature, not a bug, ignore this mail) in front page of WineHQ. Also with 
quick search with Google I didn't find this reported before.

On the right side, there is "Hosted by" and empty link to codeweavers 
(<a href=""></a>). After that there is PayPal 
link. Because <a href=""></a> is empty, it 
seems that this site is hosted by PayPal (which should come after 
codeweavers, I think). This could be said more clearly I think, but if 
you go to the front page, you'll notice it.

Anyway, have a nice day and so on...
Tero Tamminen

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