working together on stdole.tlb and a end to dcom9x

Filip Navara xnavara at
Mon Aug 30 13:10:36 CDT 2004

Jacek Caban wrote:

> I don't thik it Wine's bug. Applications don't depend on this stuff 
> and Wine's ref handling is correct.

Of course that applications depend on this stuff. This is common code:
   LoadTypeLib("stdole.tlb", &ptlibStdOle);
   ptlibStdOle->GetTypeInfoOfGuid(IID_IUnknown, &ptinfoIUnknown));
   ptlibStdOle->GetTypeInfoOfGuid(IID_IDispatch, &ptinfoIDispatch));
Now with Wine the last Release will cause the typelib object to be 
destroyed and resulting that any later typeinfo references to typelib 
are invalid pointers.


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