[wine] Linux registry

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at cse.msu.edu
Mon Aug 30 20:01:20 CDT 2004

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 03:27:49PM +0200, Robert van Herk wrote:

> These people seem to be implementing a kinda Windows registry clone into 
> Linux, but then secure, stable 'n' stuff...

I looked at this and,  as it stands,  the project is basically a bunch of 
hot air and a little bit of demo code that is far from "secure and 
stable".  If it becomes widely used,  it might create minor difficulties 
for Wine:

1.  It has a tool called 'regedit',  which conflicts with MS 'regedit.exe'
and Wine 'regedit';

2.  It does not preserve the key/value dichotomy in the Windows API (i.e.,
I could make a key "HKCU\Software\LMert\xx" and a value "xx" in
"HKCU\Software\LMert" and set them to different values -- this is of
doubtful utility but a natural consequence of the Windows API).

3.  It doesn't have the REG_DWORD type,  or any integer type for that
matter, yet.

4.  Right now,  the syntax is actually pretty text-editor-unfriendly:
it has no support for numeric values and it creates a lot of little
five-line files.

However,  the original author seems to want to move *all* config files in 
mainstream distributions over to his format,  something that I don't see 
happening within the useful lifetime of Wine.  Perhaps *they* should take 
a look at Wine code;  as an LGPL project,  Wine can't copy their (GPLv2) 
code directly anyway,  and the Wine registry code actually has worked well 
for a long time. 

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