W->A calls

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Tue Aug 31 04:10:57 CDT 2004


By accident, I removed the emails of the thread I started, but I'll look 
  it up if necessary;
I found this old wine issue of some time ago.. I think the patch it has 
there could be helpfull


However, I don't know how to make simple tests.. as I'd really need to 
test wether the code I write works, and works properly :p

How do I write tests for that? I'm running linux (in practice, I never 
boot into windows) so how should I do this (testing without windows 
environment)? How are tests supposed to run?

I hope you can give some clues on that; I found there are many W->A 
calls in dlls/winmm/winmm.c (according to the janitorial page) so I 
might start there (hoping not all of them are so tricky ;) )

Thanks for suggestions on this,


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