Add some padding in WINPROC_wrapper

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Tue Aug 31 04:54:10 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike McCormack <mike at> writes:

    Mike> Uwe Bonnes wrote:

    >> any ideas how to pinpoint that problem? Any debug output you need?

    Mike> I tried installing WebPACK_42wp30_full_installer.exe, but it
    Mike> seemed to have other problems.  Are you installing it on the Wine
    Mike> CVS?  Did you install other software into your ~/.wine first ?

I have tried on several machines, all with slightly modified trees, but
nothing that should influence the behaviour. All machines showed the same

The problem happens quite early, when the installation wrapper asks for a
location to unzip the file. If the error happens, nothing is displayed. If
the wrapper error doesn't happen. a Messagebox "WebPACK" : To begin the
installation... is displayed.

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