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Tue Aug 31 21:03:55 CDT 2004

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 12:37:50PM -0400, Tom wrote:
> Jeremy Newman wrote:
> >
> >The site is not hosted by PayPal, seems that having the two images right
> >next to each other is confusing. Does this confuse anyone else? 
> NO!
> Should
> >we simply remove the donate link? 
> Well if you want to eat at wineconf 2005 I would say NOOOOOOOOOO! :D

I suggest you put something there, not necessarily in the link, and if
possible, remove the null link to save a couple bytes of bandwidth
(which would allocate over the users and years).

You could do something like:
--- <snip>
Hosted by: us, the wine development team<br />

<Paypal Donate Button>
--- <snip>

Where you could replace "us, the wine-development team" with some other
generic, catchy phrase, or whoever runs/owns the mailing list, digest
app, or server(s).  You can also put an optional comment like: "Help
host the <whatever is being hosted, such as "Wine-devel mailing list">
and fund the developers by donating to paypal!"

> Tom

--Michael Chang

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