Winecfg -> browse for folder

Robert van Herk robert at
Wed Dec 1 13:32:07 CST 2004

Hi Mike,

I have some questions about your comments:

>>@@ -46,7 +48,8 @@
>> 	shpolicy.c \
>> 	shv_bg_cmenu.c \
>> 	shv_item_cmenu.c \
>>-	systray.c
>>+	systray.c \
>>+	unixTools.c
>s/unixTools.c/unix_tools.c/ for consistency
What do you mean? Does s/x/y/ mean that I should change x into y?

>Also consistent indentation would be good.
I did that, because the original code had some weird indentation and 
didn't want to change that where possible. So I kept the weird 
indentation where applicable. Overall, it gives it a bit a strange look, 
I agree.

>+        /*For UNIX browsing, we always use the pszDiplayName to RETURN 
>+          the chosen path in, thus:*/
>+        if (!lpbi->pszDisplayName)
>+        {
>+          ERR("pszDisplayName must be set for UNIX browsing.\n");
>+          return FALSE;
>+        }
>How does this work? Is the pszDisplayName pointing to a preallocated
>buffer (if so how do you know how big it should be?).
Yes, this is the way MS intended SHBrowseForFolder to work, so I tried 
to stay consistent:

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