IME fixes

Aric Stewart aric at
Tue Dec 7 09:36:27 CST 2004

You have a few places where variable declaration has moved from the top 
of the function to under your block. That should be fixed.

It is hard to read through the whitespace changes for me. I though 
general convention was that you did not change whitespace (i seems to 
remember a small war over that)

other than that things look ok. Have you tested this by setting your 
locale to ja_JP or zh_CN or ko_KR to make sure the fixme come back and 


Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
> We have 2 space, 4 space and 5 space indentation in ime.c, so fix that.
> Also behave like windows if we're on a locale that doesn't support, by returning 0
> after setting last error to 120.
> Ivan.

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