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Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Wed Dec 8 09:27:47 CST 2004


> The problem with that approach is that you remove a lot of headers
> that are included anyway so it doesn't make any difference in build
> time, and many of them will have to be added again once we finish
> the header cleanup. For instance you remove winuser.h everywhere
> win.h is included because win.h brings it in already, but once we
> get rid of win.h we'll have to go back and re-add winuser.h.

It might be better to clean up the headers first then. By clean up I
take it you mean removing any header that aren't part of the platform
SDK? If that is the long term plan then it could be handled in 2
steps a) remove all #includes from non-sdk headers and add them to
the files that need them, then b) start removing the non-standard
headers (possibly much later).

If so, thats probably a worthwhile project.

> What you should do is limit the changes to the cases where it makes
> an
> actual difference in the dependency tree. You'll get the same
> performance gain with a much smaller set of changes.

I will update my script to do this and resend.


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