Wine test suite (or winrash, don't know which one) - possible way to improve for some persons (with some antivirus or firewall software running)

Tero Tamminen valeo at
Thu Dec 9 07:01:35 CST 2004


I don't know if this is proper list to send this (well, I didn't find 
any mailinglist for the Wine test suite app and mailinglist in sf 
project for winrash was empty). So I thought that information would 
possibly reach developers of Wine test suite or winrash through this 

And as I said in the subject, I don't know if this message concerns wine 
test suite or winrash program or both. Because of that, I use winrash 
from now on, because it is much shorter to write.

I have this winrash running on one of my computers, in windows 2003 
server. There is a firewall program (ZoneAlarm Pro) installed to this 
computer. Some time ago, I upgraded Zonealarm to new version 
( This version has a feature, that checks if some programs 
are trying to execute new programs or something. It is possible to allow 
execution of new programs permanently (it saves directory and name of 
executable), but not in case of winrash. Winrahs starts its tests every 
time in temporary directory with new name. So every time a test starts, 
Zonealarm asks me if the execution of test is allowed. This is a problem 
for me, because it is annoying to click through all the messages, but it 
is also a problem for winrash, because I am not sitting in front of this 
computer very often and some tests might timeout because of that (and I 
think it has happened a couple of times already).

So would it be possible to start all the tests from same directory (I 
mean, every version of the tests would start in same directory). It 
would save me some time because I wouldn't have to click through all the 

Tero Tamminen

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