A new systray patch

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Dec 13 08:06:31 CST 2004

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>No, I don't see why it implies that it has to do everything the
>Windows one does,

Depends on whose perspective you're looking at if from. From a developer 
perspective, you are able to easily distinguish what invisible Explorer 
functions need to be replicated and which do not.

 From a user perspective, Explorer means "the file manager", and that's 
all it means. They don't know that it provides shell functions like the 
taskbar and systray (and all the other cruft it provides) unless they 
happened to be into alternative shells like Litestep or DesktopX while 
using Windows-- but that's not very likely.

So if the Wine "Explorer" is going to be user-visible, it does imply 
that to some degree, because the user expectation is somewhat radically 
different from the developer expectation in this respect. From a 
developer perspective, the file management function is probably the 
least important of the Explorer functions (since file management can be 
replicated separately by many means, under both Windows and Linux, as 
noted), but to the user, it is the *only* function.

> but it has to do everything that some apps depend
Well, yes, please ;-) .


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