[AppDB] big AppDB refactoring

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Sat Dec 18 14:16:39 CST 2004


I certainly agree that I could have separated apidb->appdb changes from
the rest (but replacing it is trivial and is functionnaly equivalent),
but I can't seriously make one patch for each file moved as it'll
require to patch every dependent files for each move.

The files in / import files in /include if I move one file from /include
to /include/classes I have to patch all files.

Then I have to wait until the patch is commited which will take one day
because of timezones.

Then I have to move the second file and re-change every single file that
includes it. and so on at least 25 times (because there are 25 moved
files) without counting the code moving between includes.

I will _try_ to split the patch in three or four smaller patches and I
hope we can find a way to make it in as it would allow for more
interesting (and smaller ;-) ) changes later.

As I'm not an expert, if you have advices on how to split it more
efficiently I'm all open as you know.

See you,

<gack> you _can't_ be serious.
> - One patch to do one thing. For example each of the following should their own 
> patch.
>    Change apidb_header() and apidb_footer() to appdb_header() and appdb_footer()
>    Change apidb_fullurl() to appdb_fullurl
>    Move include/tableve.php to include/classes/tableve.php
>    Move include/application.php to include/classes/application.php
>    ...
> I know you probably will end up sending more than a dozen patches that way. 
> However, I can't approve of a wholesale change, like this, in one go.
> </gack>
> The changes you propose are good ones. Just break them down.
> --
> Tony Lambregts

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