MSVCRT, OpenGL bugs to look at (and a WM rewrite regression?)

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Wed Dec 22 19:45:08 CST 2004

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 00:43:20 +0000, Mike Hearn <mh at> wrote:
> 2) When racing, the sky is black. An OpenGL bug perhaps? Weirdly when it's
>    showing the pre-recorded demos the sky is just fine. The rest of the
>    graphics are perfect.

What graphics card and driver do you use?  This is important.  I use a
Radeon 9200 and DRI.  In Warcraft III+opengl under wine,  things would
"disappear", but then re-appear under different conditions. I have
screen shots I can upload that shows this in action.  I used to use an
nvidia card with the official driver.  Comparatively, the nvidia
graphics setup rendered everything perfectly.

> Finally if you put it in desktop mode, an X protocol error occurs
> initialising OpenGL. The XGetWindowAttributes call complains of a bad
> window. I debugged this for a bit and got nowhere, it wasn't as
> straightforward as it looked. Suffice to say that at the point it died
> opengl32.dll had been initialised several times already with the same
> value for root_window, and it worked each time previously (yes sync was
> enabled).
> I think this definitely used to work, so it feels like some WM rewrite
> regression to me. I could well be wrong though.
> This seems to affect all OpenGL+desktop mode apps.

You are correct, it used to work.  I just tried it yesterday and it
didn't work for me either.

> To make the game let you choose OpenGL in the setup program it has to be
> run in win2k/winxp mode. I do not know why.
> If you get it going, see if you can beat my best time (when playing on
> Linux) of 2:02. Have fun! :)
> thanks -mike

Unfortunately I can't try your game at the moment cause it will take
me too long to download -- 2 KB/s down only =(


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