Wineps.drv not a fully windows compliant printer driver?

ceztko at ceztko at
Sun Feb 1 09:08:40 CST 2004

1 week ago, i posted a msg (subject: 16bit app calls wineps.drv, but wine has
wineps.dll)  in the ml reporting a run-time error 482: Printer Error with a 16
bit app. Weel, that report is not rappresentative of the problem, it seems more
complicated than i tought.

At MSDN, i found:
Printer error (Error 482)

There is some problem that prevents printing. This error has the following
causes and solutions:

    * You don't have a printer installed from the Windows Control Panel.

      Open the Control Panel, double-click the Printers icon, and choose Add
Printer to install a printer.
    * Your printer isn't online.

      Physically switch the printer online.
    * Your printer is jammed or out of paper.

      Physically correct the problem.
    * You tried to print a form to a printer that can accept only text.

      Switch to an installed printer that can print graphics.

In windows, all is OK with all type of printer.

After 2 weeks of attempts, i understood i'm unable to find the origin of the
problem and a possible resolution. So, hoping you can help me, i did a snapshot
of my wine configuration including the non-working app and the natives dll
needed to run it (no problem of dependences: they should be ok). The snapshot is
not very big (~7mb), and it's a simple copy of .wine dir with a testapp script
(cd ..., WINEDLLOVERRIDES=... wine app.exe) to immediately run the
fucking/non-working app. So, a backup of your .wine dir is needed. Weel, there's
also the problem of trust: a new non-root user is OK =)

My interest in this stupid business app is only to convert my father to linux,
but if you can help me, a donation to the wine project is CERTAIN!

Here the easy instruction:

NB: Use a new non-root user for trust, or at least # mv .wine winebak
1 - Download to your home
3 - # tar xvzf testapp.tar.gz
4 - # ./testapp

The error message i get is this: run-time error '482': Printer Error ( )

Instead, it should be like this .

I'm unable to understand if is a my mis-configuration or a bug in wine (and
maybe this snapshot is not weel configured anyway). But, after 2 weeks of
attempts without results, using different printer configurations FROM SCRATCH
(cups, file, original windows printer driver, ..), i'm almost sure this is a
bug, or a sort of...

Thanks for your help!

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