J C burner1 at
Sun Feb 1 15:00:00 CST 2004

Hi All,

I've put together a little patch to allow SystemParametersInfoA to
read an actual registry value for SPI_GETGRADIENTCAPTIONS
instead of the default 'false' that was returned all the time
(got tired of seeing those fixmes).

I based the registry information off of this page:

How does this patch look? It's the first i've put together for Wine
(so be easy ;). I will continue to flesh out the remaining UI settings
(at least those that apply in all versions of windows (9x,nt,2000,xp)
if there is interest and i'm on the right path here. The only thing i
can think of us doing is reading these values from the Window
Manager instead of our own registry values. Are there standard
ways of detecting this or is it just best left in the registry?

I have included the patch as well as the Reg Key for these settings
(with gradient captions disabled by default).

Justin Chevrier

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