Sourceforge WIne RPMs and Yum

Dwayne Bailey dwayne at
Tue Feb 3 08:21:16 CST 2004


Are there any yum experts here?  I thought it would be a good idea to 
get a yum repository established for the Wine RPMs held at sourceforge.  
I for one would love to have the latest build of wine installed as soon 
as RPMs are available on Sourceforge.

yum-arch seems to be the command to create the repository headers but 
I'm not sure how you would manage this with the round robbin sourceforge 
downloads.  I think some other sf project have managed this.

Anyone out their who can help?

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>On February 3, 2004 04:42 am, you wrote:
>>I was wondering if it would be possible to create yum repositories
>>of the Sourceforge RPMs certainly for use with Fedora.
>It sounds like a really good idea, but I know little about the topic,
>as I'm not yet running Fedora. You may want to post a call for
>volunteers on wine-devel at, maybe someone has the know-how
>and steps forward...

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