Wine 0.9 TODO

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Wed Feb 4 07:20:07 CST 2004

On February 4, 2004 04:28 am, Tom wrote:
> What do you think of this as the new 0.9 todo_lists? :-)

Looks very good. A few things:

A.1: status: histrory sent for inclusion
A.2: status: working code <a href="">available</a>
A.3: status: some working code available
A.4: status: initial version posted
A.5: status: work has already started

C.1: worker: add me (Dimi) as well
C.1: status: new/delete/rename key needed
C.2: status: patch ready
C.3: status: work has started

D.2: status: menu handle patch almost ready

E: I would include the entried for .spec and .reg files
   This way people know they are stable, no plans to change them

F: I would include entry for DLL separation I [DONE]

H.2: status: work has started
H.3: status: work has started
H.5: worker: Ivan

I've also forgot the following section (I've actually resent the message,
but it never made it to the list for unknown reasons):

I. Source Code
  1. Move controls/*, windows/* -> dlls/user/ (Alexandre)
  2. Move graphics/*, objects/* -> dlls/gdi/ (Alexandre)
  3. Move files/*, misc/* -> dlls/kernel/ (Alexandre)
  4. Flatten dlls/: msacm/*, msvideo/msrle32, winmm/* (Alexandre)
  5. Move documentation/ddraw.txt somewhere (???)
  6. Move documentation/samples/generic.ppd -> dlls/wineps (Alexandre)
  7. Move documentation/samples/config -> winedefault.reg (???)
  8. Move documentation/samples/system.ini -> winedefault.reg (???)


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