App compiled with Delphi5 works, same App with Delphi7 does not.

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Wed Feb 4 11:19:17 CST 2004

>>>>> "Samuel" == Samuel Herzog <samuel.herzog at> writes:

    Samuel> Dear Newsgroup, I have downloaded and installed Release
    Samuel> 20040121.

    Samuel> I have a very small application (for testing purpose) which I
    Samuel> can compile with Delphi 5,Delphi 6,Delphi 7.  The application
    Samuel> compiled with Delphi5 works fine.  The same application compiled
    Samuel> with Delphi7 shows an exception <EAccessvioalation in Module
    Samuel> zxtheme.dll at 00006A71>.

Could zxthmen.dll be realted to uxtheme.dll. Check todays mailing what to do
about failures related to uxtheme.

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