[Winecfg] - redo applications tab, misc changes

Alex Pasadyn ajp at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Feb 4 18:28:15 CST 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:
> I'd not be happy with removing that - XrandR solves some problems and
> introduces others - namely that the desktop panel applets/icons etc
> rearrange themselves for the lower resolution then sometimes don't
> rearrange back. Using XVidmode has the advantage that the desktop size
> doesn't change, only the screen resolution (which is what we want) but has
> the disadvantage of enabling the hardware panning/sideslip stuff, which is
> what we don't want.

I have good luck with XRandR, and I prefer it to XVidMode, but I know 
some like it the other way.  I think a good compromise is to leave a 
global setting for RandR on/off and have app-specific desktop mode 
settings (for now), as many people like some apps full screen and others 
in desktops of various shapes and sizes.

 From some chatting in IRC, a possible work-around for the panning in 
XVidMode is to just grab the pointer if you switch to a smaller 
resolution and an app creates a window intended to fill the smaller 
resolution up.  It's definitely possible to create a test case that 
breaks with that scheme, although I am not sure how likely that would be 
in real apps.  The other problem is that if you use XVidMode, an 
application that does GetWindowRect(GetDesktopWindow(), &r) will not get 
the answer it expects.

As for the quirks with XRandR, that sounds like a bug in the Window 
manager.  I think maybe the reason I have good luck with it is my KDE is 
so old it just ignores the events.  If people are seeing desktops 
respond to a shrinking but not to an expanding then I think that's a bug 
that should be reported to the desktop people.  XRandR is definitely a 
lot closer to what the display settings functions do on Win32.


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