[Winecfg] - redo applications tab, misc changes

chmorgan at charter.net chmorgan at charter.net
Thu Feb 5 09:12:49 CST 2004

> On February 4, 2004 05:20 pm, chmorgan at charter.net wrote:
> > I'm pretty sure lots of other wine code uses 2 space indents, I know I
> > started using them after working with wine.  
> Yes, other code does so, but I think the preferred style is 4-space.
> Now, as I said, if you feel strongly about it, it will stay 2-space.
> But if you're flexible on this issue, 4-space indents would be nice.
> > No other comments on the ui changes in winecfg? ;-)  I'll submit to
> > wine-patches tonight after going through the code once more.
> Hey, I was at work (so I couldn't test). But now I got a chance to
> look at it, so here are my comments:
>   -- it looks good. This is good stuff, I think we're getting
>      very close to the finish line.
>   -- have the Applications be the first page is a bit confusing.
>      This is advanced functionality, I'd start with something
>      else, like the Drives tab.
>   -- I could delete the "Global Settings" in the Application
>      tab, which also hosed my registry

Doh.  We should probably prevent users from deleting any of the global settings and ensure that the global settings are always present.

>   -- Whenever I've tried to add a app, and change it's settings,
>      it will disappear right away (whenever I tried to change
>      any of it's settings).
>   -- whenever I've tried changing something, I got errors like
>      this:
> err:winecfg:setConfigValue Unable to set configuration key (null) in section AppDefaults\coolplayer.exe\Version to (null), res=1021
>      Maybe my installation is faulty?

Winecfg is using the ~/.wine/config file right now, this isn't writeable so if you try to add/delete apps you won't be able to change anything.  When you try to add the app the keys are created and then the treeview is completely rebuilt, I know, not the most efficent but it works.  So, you click to add the app, the keys are created(but don't create since you can't modify your config file), and then the treeview is refreshed so your changes are lost.


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