LOCAL: Not enough space in GDI heap

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Fri Feb 6 01:38:44 CST 2004

At 17:42 05.02.2004 +0100, Rein Klazes wrote:
>> Now is this an error in my application (VB6 with lots of controls and ocx's)
>> or one in wine? Does my app really create so many fonts or should each
>> only appear once in this list because they're all the same? They do have
>> different handles/addresses but that could be wine too. Of course it works
>> on Windows but that could just be pure luck :)
>> Is there some way to tell on Windows if it really uses so much GDI heap?
>> Being a VB app it's not that easy to debug low-level.
>If you work with Win2K/XP, you can use NTobjects a free tool from
>www.smidgeonsoft.com. It shows you for each process the number of each
>type of GDI objects, compare that with the number that you observe in
>your wine logs.

That's a nice page, interesting looking tools. I tried it out and if the app is
running it has 39 fonts and the other items (Pen, Brush, Bitmap) even less.
So this looks like wine reserves unnecessarily too many fonts. I'll see if
I find something more.


bye  Fabi

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