Wine - update for Who's Who page

Tom twickline at
Thu Feb 5 22:16:17 CST 2004

Brian Vincent wrote:
> One of the to do items is update the Who's Who list on WineHQ.  If
> you look at it right now it's horribly out of date:

Yea.. The idea is to create an Acknowledgment page for the guy's
that are currently inactive, or just have a link to the authors.. (???)
> This is an opportunity to both recognize you for your contributions
> and serve as a way to promote Wine.  After talking with Dimi at Wineconf
> it became immediately apparent that being immortalized on WineHQ will
> lead to hordes of beautiful women knocking on your door.

When I first started using linux everyone talked about all this free beer..
Now we get wemon to boot..  :-)

> I think the format will remain similar; 

What I was going to do is not have the CodeWeavers section, VIPs/Core 
categories,  as maybe some people don't like classifications. There are 
from CodeWeavers, TransGaming, ReactOS and so on.. The best thing would 
be to
just have a affiliation attribute to each person. This way the more 
developers they
have working on wine the more linkage they receive.
This is a "Wine" Who's Who!

Should we add a small pic of each developer to there section?

Comments or idea's are most welcome.


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