Wineboot should process RunOnceEx Entries

Geoffrey geoffrey at
Fri Feb 6 15:54:31 CST 2004

Sorry about the confusion...

   1. I do not know if wineboot handles RunOnceEx\\Setup, I have no need
      for any such programs anymore. IE uses its own utility for this.
   2. Wineboot does not register the DLLs, because Steam gave "Could not
      connect ..." errors without the RSA Encryption dll from IE6
      registered. (rsabase.dll)
   3. If wineboot handles the executables in RunOnceEx, it does not
      delete them. After running wineboot 10+ times after installing
      IE6, an entry for "grpconv.exe -o" was still listed in a RunOnceEx
   4. I would not mind writing a patch, but I am unfamiliar with
      winelib, but could probably work on it bit by bit.

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> I'm sorry, I may just still be jetlagged from wineconf. I failed to 
> understand your bug report.
> Is that "wineboot does not handle RunOnceEx", does handle it but 
> doesn't run DLLs when using the pipe, runs everything, but the windows 
> version is set incorrectly, or doesn't handle RunOnceEx\Setup?
>                      Shachar

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