Wineboot should process RunOnceEx Entries

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sat Feb 7 03:18:55 CST 2004

Geoffrey wrote:

> Sorry about the confusion...
>   1. I do not know if wineboot handles RunOnceEx\\Setup, I have no need
>      for any such programs anymore. IE uses its own utility for this.
>   2. Wineboot does not register the DLLs, because Steam gave "Could not
>      connect ..." errors without the RSA Encryption dll from IE6
>      registered. (rsabase.dll)
>   3. If wineboot handles the executables in RunOnceEx, it does not
>      delete them. After running wineboot 10+ times after installing
>      IE6, an entry for "grpconv.exe -o" was still listed in a RunOnceEx
>      key.
>   4. I would not mind writing a patch, but I am unfamiliar with
>      winelib, but could probably work on it bit by bit.

Apparently, while I may have been a bit lazy, I was at least ordered.

The comments at the begining clearly state RunOnceEx, and clearly state 
it is not currently implemented.

The soonest I'll have time to look into it is in a month from now. You 
are most welcome to have a go at it. Winelib should not frighten you in 
that respect - it's quite simply Win32 programming done on Linux (or 
whatever OS you are running). The sources for wineboot are all in the 
one file (programs/wineboot/wineboot.c under the wine source tree).

Feel free to ask questions if you have them. If you don't touch that, 
I'll try to get it done when I have the time.

As for RunOnceEx\Setup, I wouldn't touch that if I were you. It's not 
part of wineboot, as far as I know. As you have correctly said, IE 
installs a special program to handle that. SetupAPI has some method of 
triggering it to run, but I have never been able to do that outside of 
INF processing. I think we currently have it working "well enough", and 
should let leave it at that.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Systems Consulting

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