IE6 Security Controls/URLMon;msimtf (nhl 2004)

Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad abdul.ahmad at
Sat Feb 7 14:04:31 CST 2004

disregard these emails. the problem was due to a call to 
DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Fade. I commented this out and now no 
problems :) Only problem now is getting D3D to work

Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad wrote:

> sorry, heres the error output that i get when urlmon is registered:
> =>0 0x7800d14b (MSVCRT.DLL._set_sbh_threshold+0x25f in MSVCRT.DLL) 
> (ebp=4084c100)
>  1 0x7800cc1c (MSVCRT.DLL.?what at exception@@UBEPBDXZ+0x121 in 
> MSVCRT.DLL) (ebp=4084c144)
>  2 0x7800578c (MSVCRT.DLL.??3 at YAXPAX@Z+0x9 in MSVCRT.DLL) (ebp=4084c18c)
>  3 0x69b5b18f (MSXML3.DLL.10+0x8d73 in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c1d8)
>  4 0x69ba6dd8 (MSXML3.DLL.10+0x549bc in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c208)
>  5 0x69ba85d5 (MSXML3.DLL.10+0x561b9 in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c230)
>  6 0x69ba7b46 (MSXML3.DLL.10+0x5572a in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c2b0)
>  7 0x6534642f (OLEAUT32.DLL.DispCallFunc+0xb6 in OLEAUT32.DLL) 
> (ebp=4084c300)
>  8 0x653645d0 (OLEAUT32.DLL.VarBstrFromDec+0x72b5 in OLEAUT32.DLL) 
> (ebp=4084c390)
>  9 0x69b5309f (MSXML3.DLL.10+0xc83 in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c3c0)
>  10 0x69b531a5 (MSXML3.DLL.10+0xd89 in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c3f0)
>  11 0x69ba83f2 (MSXML3.DLL.10+0x55fd6 in MSXML3.DLL) (ebp=4084c420)
>  12 0x6b722435 (JSCRIPT.DLL.DllCanUnloadNow+0xba95 in JSCRIPT.DLL) 
> (ebp=00000001)
> 0x7800d14b (MSVCRT.DLL._set_sbh_threshold+0x25f in MSVCRT.DLL): 
> movl    %ecx,0x4(%esi)
> all of those DLL's are native.. i have the following software installed:
> IE6SP1
> DCOM98
> Windows Script 5.6
> InstallShield
> JRE 1.4.2_02
> MDAC 2.8
> Jet 4.0 SP8
> Flash 6
> Comcat/Dxtrans/Dxtmsft dll's registered
> Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad wrote:
>> Okay when i use IE6 (installed by mike's script) any webpage that 
>> uses an activex control says my security settings are too high, even 
>> if i lower them (both custom settings and the slider have no effect), 
>> or even if i make the site a trusted website... now i believe this 
>> might be what be causing problems with NHL2004 because i get a script 
>> error 80040154 (which doesnt let me go in game) when i go to the game 
>> setup screen(rest of the game is flawless other than DXImageTransform 
>> filters not functioning), which is caused by a missing CLSID entry.. 
>> so i checked out the errors I was getting and urlmon.dll wasn't 
>> registered and neither was msimtf... now the thing that nhl was 
>> trying to call was the security manager which is part of urlmon.dll.. 
>> when i registered urlmon, it would crash the game, and i can't get 
>> msimtf to register because of problems it has with advapi32/user32 
>> implementations...
>> Im not sure what msimtf does, but i have a hunch that clearing the 
>> urlmon issue might solve my problems.. anyone have an idea of what i 
>> can do to solve this issue?
>> Theres also an error: fixme:system:SystemParametersInfoA Unknown 
>> action: 8198
>> I have a feeling this is harmless though...

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