shell32 patch 12

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Feb 8 01:47:29 CST 2004

This patch broke the installation of IE6.

When running the command below during installation of IE6, a pathname is 
scribbled over the stack...

C:\windows\inf\unregmp2.exe /Shortcuts /IE5 /RegExts

Any ideas why?


Martin Fuchs wrote:
> This patch is based on work of Ge van Geldorp <ge at> and me.
> Changelog:
> reimplementation of SHGetPathFromIDListA/W() using the new helper
> functions SHELL_GetPathFromIDListA/W(). The new implementation avoids to
> use IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf(), so that it behaves like the following:
> - return the absolute file system path, not relative to the dekstop
> - return FALSE as error code if the path can not converted in a valid file system path
> - don't return virtual CLSID paths
> Note:
> The two helper functions will we called from other places in following patches, so they
> are declared in the header file.

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