shell32 patch 12

Mike McCormack mike at
Sun Feb 8 06:10:38 CST 2004

Martin Fuchs wrote:

> I see you found and could solve the problem.
> If I understand correctly, this says, this part of IE installation uses PIDLs,
> which are illegal in some way?
> Is this the normal behaviour or only result of for example some
> mis-convifured registry entries?

Actually, I added the ERR("pidl is borked\n") to detect the case where 
the PIDL itself was invalid, but that error message never shows.  I 
haven't found the exact reason for the original problem, but the code I 
wrote to avoid buffer overruns fixes the problem.

It's hard to find the original problem as using a +relay trace makes it 
magically disappear.  Perhaps initializing the buffer to a nul string 
also helps?


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