NT services ...

Lars Segerlund lars.segerlund at comsys.se
Mon Feb 9 05:04:37 CST 2004

 I think I have an idea about NT services which is doable in the current framework.

 So what do you guy's think about spawning a second daemon handling the nt-services fron wineserver ? This could be done optionally ( services/noservices) and they can talk to each other on a unix socket ?

 Alternatively, you could run the service daemon as a common user on the system and fork off specific wine instances for each user who had registered a service running at an interval ?

 All these scenarios can easily be handled by the proposed setup, on ly a bit of different setup would be needed.

 Any comments ?

 I just wanted to know if I was thinking in the right tracks and if anybody has an estimate about how hard an undertaking like this would be before getting into the effort.

 / regards, Lars Segerlund.


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