LOCAL: Not enough space in GDI heap

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at indel.ch
Mon Feb 9 10:03:40 CST 2004

>>>If you work with Win2K/XP, you can use NTobjects a free tool from
>>>www.smidgeonsoft.com. It shows you for each process the number of each
>>>type of GDI objects, compare that with the number that you observe in
>>>your wine logs.
>>That's a nice page, interesting looking tools. I tried it out and if the app is
>>running it has 39 fonts and the other items (Pen, Brush, Bitmap) even less.
>>So this looks like wine reserves unnecessarily too many fonts. I'll see if
>>I find something more.
>After fiddling around and creating some test programs I found that in wine
>a font is created for every control. Even a simple dialog with just four labels
>or textboxes in it will have 4 times a MS Sans Serif font. So this looks like
>another problem concerning wine and VB (Man, I hate this VB...). On Windows
>it uses only one font MS Sans Serif. As my original application which I want to
>make work uses many dialogs and controls it's now obvious why it runs
>out of GDI memory.
>I'm now trying to find out who decides if a new font has to be created or
>if an old one can be used. If anyone knows about this (in VB) please
>let me know.

I hacked some more and need an advice. I changed font.cpp: CreateFontIndirectW
a bit. Instead of always allocating a new gdi object it has a list of already
allocated font objects and first tests if there was already a font allocated
with the same logical properties (LOGFONTW). If so it just returns the
existing HFONT and doesn't allocate a new one. With this change my
VB app with the many controls comes up and is almost usable. Some
fonts on the registers of the tab control look quite strange. But besides
that it works.

Now is this a reasonable change (apart from its hacky implementation
now :) ? Is the function CreateFontIndirect allowed to do something like
this? Are there more things I should test than just the ones in the
LOGFONTW struct? If anybody is interested in a screenshot (the
funny fonts go down by about 20 degrees :) just raise your hand.

Maybe the caching needs to be done at another place. I have already
seen the GdiFontList in freetype.c. But then it's already too late (and
only works for ttf I guess). Another possibility may be to create the
font but then free it again if a similar is found.


bye  Fabi

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