Acknowledgment page

Tom twickline at
Tue Feb 10 00:07:56 CST 2004

Hello All,

I have decided to volunteer to do the "Acknowledgment page"
It will be short and simple and here are my plans.

After Brian sends his update to the "Who's Who" page
I will list everyone that has been removed from that page
onto a "Acknowledgment page".

Here is my problem :)
I have only been involved with this project for the last 18 months
so I have no idea of who some of the major contributors were!

Here is a short list of past developers that i'm aware of, and the work 
that they did.

Bob Amstadt
Guy Albertelli
David Hammerton
Peter Hunnisett
György 'Nog' Jeney
Tony Lambregts
Douglas Ridgway
John Sheets

Are you guys aware of past developers who did major work and who are
not listed here or on the current "Who's Who" page?
I will also link to the AUTHORS page for a full list of current and past 

All feedback is most welcome!


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