NHL2004 D3D8 crash

Abdul-Haseeb Ahmad abdul.ahmad at utoronto.ca
Tue Feb 10 05:08:10 CST 2004

i have finally gotten nhl2004's menus to work the way its supposed to.. 
going into the game it crashes however..

i've attached a +d3d trace of the error output (here: 
http://bugs.winehq.com/attachment.cgi?id=530&action=view). the game does 
some d3d8 stuff before it goes into the menu.. and then once you click 
on the play button to go ingame the resolution changes, and it does a 
whole bunch of d3d stuff again and crashes... one thing that may or may 
not be interesting to note here is that the resolution list in the 
display options is empty...

the installation instructions look pretty lengthy, I'm not sure if you
*have* to install all of these, but most of them made a difference when
i did install them... you can (and *should*) skip the Flash 
installation, because its
not necessary, and when flash IS enabled, it makes everything else on
the screen flicker...

if you have the time i'd appreciate you'd check it out...

1. installed IE6 via mike hearn's script (wine20031212)
- can switch to winex cvs after installing ie6, although ie6 wont be
functional standalone
2. installed DCOM98 with "ole32, oleaut32, rpcrt4" native
3. changed dlloverrides to following:
"ole32" = "native"
"oleaut32" = "native"
"rpcrt4" = "native"
"oleaut32.dll" = "native"
"olepro32.dll" = "native"
"comcat.dll" = "native"
"ole32.dll" = "native"
"rpcrt4.dll" = "native"
"mshtml" = "native, builtin"
"shfolder" = "native, builtin"
"shell32" = "native, builtin"
"shell" = "native, builtin"
"shdocvw" = "native, builtin"
"shlwapi" = "native, builtin"
"urlmon" = "native, builtin"
"crypt32" = "native, builtin"
"wininet" = "native, builtin"
;"oleaut32"     = "builtin, native"
;"ole32"        = "builtin, native"
"commdlg"      = "builtin, native"
"comdlg32"     = "builtin, native"
;"shell"        = "builtin, native"
;"shell32"      = "builtin, native"
"shfolder"     = "builtin, native"
"shlwapi"      = "builtin, native"
;"shdocvw"      = "builtin, native"
"advapi32"     = "builtin, native"
"msvcrt"       = "native, builtin"
"mciavi.drv"   = "native, builtin"
"mcianim.drv"  = "native, builtin"
"msi"          = "native, builtin"

4. installed InstallShield
5. installed Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2_02
- gives an error, but it still is installed
6. installed MDAC 2.8
- set "setupapi" = "native" before installation
- set "odbc32" = "native" after installataion
7. installed Jet 4.0 SP8 9x/NT
- set "imm32" to native before installation
- copied native win98se "setupx.dll" to system dir and set to native in
8. installed Windows Script 5.6 98/ME/NT
9. installed Shockwave Flash 6 redistributable from NHL2004 CD
- can just regsvr32 Flash.ocx from your windows install
- can be obtained from
www.macromedia.com/support/shockwave/info/licensing/ as well by signing up
- will give an error registering Flash.ocx with redistributable, break
program at this point
- copy tmp/IXPxxx.TMP/Flash.ocx to system/Macromed/flash/
- run install again, or wine regsvr32 Flash.ocx
10. installed nhl2004 demo from
- must apply the intro.html hack and the game_setup_interface.js hack
from http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1970 (make sure you get the
game_setup_interface.js for the DEMO version, not the RETAIL version

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